Interactive Stage

Our goal with the Doritos project was to create a fully interactive stage element for the Doritos #BOLDSTAGE concert at SXSW. Using Flash, we displayed a 32' by 60' vending machine on 8 MILL LED screens that allowed people in the crowd to vote on their favorite Doritos flavor via Twitter. The crowd could also post pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #BOLDSTAGE and see their images pop up live on the display during the concert. Behind the scenes, the team delivered and managed the social, interactive, messaging, and video content through an intuitive administration panel that we also created specifically for this project. We were also able to use the panel to manage live polling via twitter and were able to prioritize polling by location using geolocation. Our 3D team created 15 unique animations that were tied to live events that the crowd could interact with during the show. Our designers and developers created 20 Flash animations that were tied to the tweets and Instagram posts to bring the crowd’s social involvement to life. During the show, the team provided live on-site support and management with live stage crews, band managers, a visual FX DJ, and back of house support.